Knoppers Box DE

Knoppers is a brand name of wafer sandwich filled with nougat and milk creme, created by August Storck KG. Because 1983, Knoppers has been available in Germany and also bordering European nations, as well as Australia, Vietnam, Russia and also, given that 2017, the United Kingdom. A wafer normally considers 25 grams (0.9 oz). It commonly has a light blue white wrapping around it. Knoppers are produced at Storck manufacturing websites in Germany.

One Knoppers wafer includes 5 layers: A waffle, hazelnut creme, another wafer, milk creme, and also one more chocolate-covered wafer.

The ingredients are: sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour 12%, skimmed milk powder 11,5 %, hazelnuts 9%, entire wheat flour 6%, chocolate, clarified butter 2,6 %, whey powder, wheat starch, emulsifier: Soya lecithin, lotion powder 0,3 %, Salt, Fragrance, Caramel. Soda ash is used as leavening.

Inning accordance with the ingredient list, Knoppers could additionally include [the irritants] almonds, peanuts along with other nuts and also eggs.

The general percentage of milk contained in the filled sandwich is 10% (milk creme loading 30.4%, Nougat creme loading 29.4%).

The dietary worth per 100 grams of Knoppers (4 wafers) adds up to: